New beginnings?

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I thought today would be a good day to let you guys know whats up with me.  After a LONG and frustrating job search I am now in the employ of the New Albanian Brewing Company.  They, for those who aren't local, are the local Pizza Pub.  Also as the name implies are also a brewery.  They have about 25-30 of their own beers and actually just got the OK to bottle and sell a couple of them.  I'm really excited about the job.  For one I have 3 good friends that work there and a good portion of the other staff I'm at least acquainted with.  So the meeting new people aspect is very minimal.  Plus on the clock I get on free meal and a beer.  So needless to say I'm super happy about this.  Not only will I be making money again BUT this will help cut my food budget a bit.  Ditto on gas as it's 3 minutes away from my house.  I start Monday so I haven't worked there yet but I can't imagine it being a disaster.  The 3 friends I have that work there have been there for YEARS now.  

Money will still be tight for a month or so but now that I have a job I at least know I will have it at some point.  Bills and rent shouldn't be an issue this month and even if they end up being an issue I know I can borrow the money from George since he will know he's getting it right back.  I'm getting money today from Mom to get some gas and groceries.  I hate to borrow this money but I'd hate to do it more when I didn't know when I'd be able to pay it back.

So needless to say things are on a bit of an upturn. 

There's also some  hopefully positive news in the more personal department as well.  But its too early to really speak on it. Maybe tonight I'll be a bit more forthcoming.  That said the last time I promised a future update it took forever to happen so no promises. :)

P.S. Get you some Mumford & Sons to listen to if you haven't.  Also the new Elton John! 
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Bah Humbug

 I'm glad I don't celebrate Christmas, ya know for lack of Religion.  Because this one coming up would for sure be the worst one ever. 
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So I'm late but my Dad's Birthday was earlier this month.  It's one of those things where I think about it for a few seconds and I get sad so I move on to something else to distract me.  But Friday at work I had my Ipod on Shuffle and "Father & Son" by Cat Stevens came on.  Now in no way does the lyrical content of the song describe the relationship I had with my father.  If anything it was much the opposite.  I never felt the need to escape nor did my father ever put any pressure on me to conform.   
But why it struck me is I think it had been ages since I had heard the song.  Yes it's on my Ipod, but 98% of the time I'm listening to selected playlists or Podcasts so to completely randomize my library is very rare.  And then to listen for more than 3 or 4 songs is even rarer.  
So needless to say it comes on and bam I can't just move on to the next thought.  I'm now in my head back in the car with my old man, listening to his copy of "Tea For the Tillerman" as we're driving to wherever. I loved my Dad's music. (For the record my Mother has horrible taste in music) We would listen to Boston,  STYX, Journey, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Chicago, all the good stuff.  Even as I got older we listened to some newer stuff together, Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows, Flogging Molly, Reel Big Fish, even Andrew W.K. whose CD my Dad actually borrowed from me one day when he took a trip up to the IU Library on weekend.  
So I figured I'd share a sample of my Dad's favorite stuff with you as a way to commemorate his birthday, even if it is late. ;) 

Happy Birthday Dad!  I miss you and I hope it was a good one!  

Happy Fathers Day...

I've been thinking of my old man all day. I just laughed a bit to myself thinking how awesome it would be to have him on the podcast. I miss shooting the shit with him at 3am. And I wonder if I'd be in a different place if he was still alive.

I wonder if I'll ever truly be over it. Like in 45 years if I'm still alive. Will it hurt as much still?

All I know is this, I wish he was still here. I wish he could see his grand kids grow. I wish silly things, like, what would he think of the new Sherlock Holmes? Or Alice in Wonderland? (Two of his favorite books.) I wonder if he'd be at some university teaching willing students history. I wonder if he'd change their lives for the better. If they would look up to him like I did.

All I can give my Dad for Father's Day is to put my thoughts into the ether, and hope that matters. So I say to my Dad, I miss you and I love you. Happy Father's Day.
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Home Sweet Home...

 So I moved into my new apartment.  Loving it so far!  

No one says hi on my posts anymore.  I guess this is what happens when you don't post for a while.  lol

I would like to read peoples list of dream jobs though from my last post.

Top 5 Dream Jobs...

 5. Roadie for Motley Crew (1984-1989)  - Would get to see one of my favorite bands ever at the the peak of their popularity.  Would witness so much debauchery first hand.  Would see many other of my favorite bands at their peak as well.  Would get all the ladies Tommy and Vince didn't want.  

4. House Husband (Present Day, only if we had no kids.) - Wouldn't have the daily grind of going to work daily.  Would get to watch "The Price Is Right" every day.  Would never have to worry about missing things due to work.  Could keep the house clean to my specifics.  Plus I love to grocery shop.

3. Strip Club DJ (1976-1987)  -  More late 70's early 80's debauchery.  Would have the best selection of music to choose from. Mostly arena rock, hair metal, early rap, and early Prince. Real women were stripping back then, not a lot of Barbie Dolls.  Would likely see some pretty awesome Bar Brawls.  

2. Video Store Owner (1985 - The invent of Netflix) Would be able to build up a quality selection of cult and hard to find movies to keep me afloat in more modern times.  Would get to watch any movie I wanted at any time I wanted too.  Could make my own hours, and hire whom ever I want.  

1. Mid Atlantic Region Wrestling Play By Play Announcer (1979 - 1992)  It's no big secret this era is my favorite in wrestling history.  Would get to watch with my own eyes and call some of the best matches of all time.  Would get to travel with some of the best of all time.  Ric Flair and me would be homies.  Would make friends with Paul Heyman and maybe move to ECW in the mid 90's. 

What are yours?
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Indulge me...

So some of you on here know, some of you don't. But 3 weeks ago I started doing a weekly podcast with my roommate / friend about the general wackiness in our lives.

I know some of you already listen (thank you for that!!!) but some of you maybe didn't know. So the link is If you are on twitter we are @SOLDOUTcast AND you can become a FB  fan.  That is, if you like it and all.  :)

NSFW language, but you'll likely have head phones on anyway.  But I figured you'd need the heads up. 

Thanks guys!
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What I've Learned...

So I started my new job at the Census 2 weeks ago. I did it 10 years ago too for the record. But I don't remember a whole lot. Point of this entry is to tell you what I've learned in those 2 weeks.

There are a LOT of angry people in America. And most of them are middle aged white dudes. Although to be fair there are some old people out there that are as well. But the majority is 35-45 year old white dudes.

These guys either want to do 1 of 2 things. 1) Fill nothing out and yell about how none of this is my business. Or how its unconstitutional to ask if you are white or black, or whatever. But my favorite is 2) Fill out the form and then make sure I know just how White you are and how proud you are of it. So much so you write me a little essay OR cross out the questions about if you are Hispanic and give me a nice rant about how you speak English. And while we are counting them to make sure we count the 31 million or so illegals in the US.

So thats the picture of America I'm getting from my computer screen. Part of me enjoys the craziness but after a while it just gets sad. People are just too worked up about everything now.
I brought this up today because of the Health Care vote. And just how worked up people are about it. Pass or no pass i just don't think tomorrow is gonna be that different. But thats just me. I'm a guy who doesn't go to the doctor anyway. And I'm not gonna start just because I have "free" insurance. So I just don't see it affecting me much. And even for those it WILL affect I don't think its gonna change their life in the way people are freaking out about.

Maybe I'm the problem because I don't "care" as much as others. But that's just me.


Let's play a game.

What song lyrics (or Song) remind you of me?

When you reply, I'll respond with lyrics that remind me of you. Maybe we'll all be opened up to new music, or reminded us of old favorites.